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laughterleaguexmasshow 2017

  1. This shit is funny.
  2. This show contains all ORIGINAL material written by The Laughter League
  3. The Laughter League is composed of the following talented, insane, creative people: Joe Ciamacco, Patrick Ciamacco, Perren Hedderson, Noah Hrbek, Seth Hrbek, Luke Scattergood. (not appearing on this weekend’s crazy show are Leslie Andrews, Keith Cavey, and Billy DePetro)

In mine humble opinion, this is the funniest show they have produced and performed in the Blank Canvas Theatre space. It is very funny, and edgy, and also at times, makes you gag. But with all improv and sketch shows, there are always a few misses. However, there isn’t many at all and the pace is well-played. I laughed a lot. If you know the folks involved, you will have a blast. And if you don’t know them, it is still a blast, because the humor comes from the script, not from inside jokes, which results in solid work.

Laughter League Christmas Tickets

Here the link to the theatre, and get there Saturday night, the last show is at 8 pm. and Grab yourself a cocktail.

Cleveland Stage Alliance (CSA) Recommends.