the ghost train

Clague Playhouse
Community Theatre

Director Ron Newell responded to Cleveland Stage Alliance’s “5 Questions” from CSA resident critic Kevin Kelly.

The TPOG Five:

Why did you choose to direct this show?

It’s all about story and the challenge of fitting an old fashion proscenium play onto our small thrust stage.

Why does the world need this production, or, another production of this show?

It doesn’t except for the fact that the lead character is a sound cue.

Can you share some memorable moments from the rehearsal period?

Shared moments…let me say this about that…11 actors on a postage stamp…suicidal to begin with had to use the Chinese fire drill method…All stage right x left and all stage left x right-those stage center pray and trust the director
What started as chaos turned out to be a Martha graham/Balanchine moment. Thanks to the actors.

As you watched your opening weekend, what resonates with you from the audience?

After 4 weeks to six weeks rehearsal you think you know all there is to know about the play-enter the audience-the final step in the process-what resonates is their response to your work.  Good or bad deal with it.

What do you think you and the actors have accomplished?

Accomplish what we started out to do. Entertain.

Show Description:
A group of passengers are left stranded at a New England train station in this 1925 classic thriller. Forced to spend the night in the dingy waiting area, the travelers soon learn of the station’s eerie past and the phantom train that appears to haunt the tracks at the same time each night. Tempers flare and tension mounts as the commuters try to come to grips with the impending doom settling in around them.

ELSIE – Katie Atkinson
MISS BOURNE – Jean Cummins
SAUL – Mike Kunikis
RICHARD – Mark Mayo
JACKSON – Regis McGann
JULIA – Kate Miller
TEDDIE – Alex Nalbach
STERLING – Dennis Runkle
PEGGY – Alli St.John
PRICE – Lou Will
CHARLES – Brandon Wurgess

September 18 – October 11
8pm Thursdays
8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays
2pm Sundays

$10-$16 Reserved Seating
(440) 331-0403

Clague Playhouse
1371 Clague Road

Westlake, Ohio 44145