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Ok, when you read this, there will be only one show left, which will be on Saturday, December 20th, 2014 at 8 pm. So, if you read this in time, you need to get your musical theatre ass to Blank Canvas Theatre, buy a beer, and get ready to laugh. A lot. The current show running is High Fidelity: a musical, which follows Rob (Shane Patrick O’Neill), the thirty-something owner of Championship Vinyl, a beloved Cleveland record store. When his current relationship with girlfriend Laura (Leslie Andrews) goes south, Rob enlists the help of his two quirky clerks, Barry (Patrick Ciamacco), and Dick (Pat Miller), to expound on the intricacies of life and music, while revisiting his former relationships to find out where he went wrong. The result of this exploration with his girlfriend, and his past, sets up a very funny musical ride. I mean, very funny. The creators of this fabulous journey: Lyrics by Amanda Green, Music by Tom Kitt, Book by David Lindsay-Abaire, all based on the Novel by Nick Hornby. The creators of the Blank Canvas journey: Director: Patrick Ciamacco, Musical Director: Lawrence Wallace
The set immediately gets you fired up, one of the best I have seen at Blank Canvas. The entire shop is vinyl records. On the floor are the album covers, and on the back wall are the vinyls themselves. And, you can buy the albums that are on sale on the set for $1 a piece at intermission. WHAT?!?!
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Pictured is O’Neill, who plays Rob, and the kick ass set. O’Neill turns in a tremendous fun performance. He is so incredibly connected to the audience. He has charm, skill and a voice that is liquid gold. He is able to show all of his talents in this show, and he nails it.
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Who is this woman? Well it is Rob’s girlfriend, Laura, played by Leslie Andrews. Andrews has a blast in this show. She is on fire, and is a comedic gift, while being able to wail with the best of them. Great performance.
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Then there are his two friends who work at the record shop. On the right is Ciamacco, a scream as Barry. Great comedic chops and fierce vocals. Wait until you see Sonic Death Monkey. And then in the middle, Miller is a hot mess of vocal delight, and a human doobie of fun, as Dick.
The following cast members are out of control:
Maggie Adler (Alison) awesome
Stephen Berg (Futon Guy and Bruce) As Bruce Springsteen, he brings the house down.
Tasha Brandt (Marie) fierce vocals
Tony Heffner (Mohawk Guy) hitting the high notes while looking like a son of anarchy.
Matt Majewski (Hipster) cracking me up.
Kayla McDonald (Sarah) a lesbian every mother would love.
Jillian Mesaros (Penny) terrific.
Kate Leigh Michalski (Liz) She is firing on all cylinders. Fantastic.
Kevin Myers (TMPMITW) Revved up like a nerd, he kills it.
Hayden Neidhardt (Charlie and Backup Singer) Who would believe she played Annie, well, this girl grew up fierce and a fine tuned musical theatre performer.
Aaron Patterson (Ian, Neil young and Middle Aged Man) I can’t tell you how funny this guy is in this show. “Who’s your Gandhi?!” should give you an idea.
Monica Zach (Jackie/Anna) fired up and solid.
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This is one show that needs to be remounted. Again and Again.
December 20th
8pm Saturdays

$15 General Admission

(440) 941-0458

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