Holy shitballs! Last night was so much fun. Artistic Director Patrick Ciamacco has done his research well, and realized that due to the original creators making a novice publishing mistake, The Night of The Living Dead is public domain. So this creative lad took it upon himself to recreate the iconic movie as a stage play. The results are a blast. Even though much of the dialogue and situations are similar to the original movie, by simply letting the story play out in front of a live audience, and infusing creative special effects, the play creates hilarious and horrifying moments. This production does not play for comedy, but last night’s crowd went from giggles to out and out stadium uproarness. Yes, I am sure that is not a word.

For those who haven’t seen the film, Night of the Living Dead follows eight people from a variety of backgrounds on a terrifying night where the dead rise to feast on human flesh. The strangers end up fighting for their lives in an abandoned house surrounded by zombies. The situation escalates as tensions rise and fear and prejudice take over.

This is truly a fantastic ensemble effort. Matthew Ryan Thompson is an effective tool of a brother as Johnny. Amber Revelt is appropriately scared and frightened and a hot mess as sister Barbara. Devon Settles, Jr. is a fierce alpha male who eventually succumbs to a blistering headache. Steven Berg is charming as the loving husband and frantic provider. Jonathan Kronenberger inhabits the style of this piece to perfection. Tasha Brandt gives us some frightened realness. Ian Atwood is an opposing figure of authority as Sheriff McClelland, aided by Will Crosby as his right hand posse man. When they arrive, they arrive in spectacular fashion. But the evening really belongs to the young actress who plays Karen. Makenna Weyburne initially presents herself as a weakened child, but deliciously turns into a monstrous delight, as demonstrated by the audience’s roar of approval. One slow turn of the head provides enough creep factor for the even the best of American Horror Story fans. The Zombies are dead on.(See what I did there?) Elizabeth Ahlstrom, Hannah Beaumont, Tonya Broach, Will Crosby, Jennifer Furst, Richie Gagen, and Venchise Glenn are Zombielicious. They also provide a layer of unrest, from the moment we first see them, until the end. Great stuff

Excellent Live Orchestration by Lawrence Wallace.Brittany Gaul called a great show. Jenniver Sparano once again provides vivid and period excellence. Patrick Ciamacco splits himself into many selves, as he provides the Set, Light, and Sound Design and coordinates himself with himself as Technical Director, while Directing everything himself. Zombie Makeup and Blood Effects by the prestigious and under-acknowledged P.J. Toomey. Jenna Fink provides Makeup Assistance. Stage Blood Effects are executed by Ciamacco and Chuck Klein. Noah Hrbek provided the Backdrop Scenic Painting.

There are only two shows left. Tonight and tomorrow night. GO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

As stated in the promotion material “This show will have a SPLATTERZONE (See Below) much like when they did for The Texas Chainsaw Musical. However, this is NOT a comedy. Be prepared to see a true telling of the horror movie that started all zombie films.

If it doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead!”

Splatter Zone peeps!

October 17 – November 1
8pm Fridays
8pm Saturdays

7pm Sundays

$15 General Admission

(440) 941-0458

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