Who knew Brunswick, OH was so funny? Well, I enter into evidence the Laughter League, a collection of insane and fearless comedians that tackle original material like the security team at the Cher concert, when I got a little too excited. But I digress. Last night I was witness to the last rehearsal of the current show “Laughs of Future Past”. And I say rehearsal, but I can assure you that each night of their performance will be different in some way, because it was evident that all hell can break loose at a moment’s notice. The spontaneity is a gift.

This group is currently led and directed by Patrick Ciamacco, who is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the acclaimed Black Canvas Theatre, located in the 78th Street Studios. The Laughter League also performs at this venue. There is a stable of comedic horses to pick from, but at this outing the cast included: Joe Ciamacco, Billy DePetro, Perren Hedderson, Noah Hrbek, Seth Hrbek, Chuck Klein, and the man himself, Patrick Ciamacco. This current version includes delightful twists on ordinary situations, current commentary on the local film business, sales techniques, a fresh look at the NSA back office, and a slice of wildlife that would have Jack Hanna gasping for breath.

The opening music by Flo Rida tells us that “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sometimes, I get a good feeling”. Well to be honest, I got a good feeling a lot. There is something here for everyone, and a couple of laughs that could be considered pushing the limit of political correctness. But this is a group of fearless funny men. Several sketch scenes tickled my funny bone a little bit more. The opening transit ride featured some butt shaking that could easily be rap worthy. The X-Men parody is a scream, or should I say X’ed- Men. Their unique skills had me rolling, and their leader, oh man, just wait. I loved the searing look at “extras” in film work. The sketch about how the “business” of Girl Scout Cookies goes wrong is ridiculous fun. Patrick Ciamacco has a grand time with his unique version of “Let it Go”, and does he ever.

There are many more sketches in the evening that provide ample opportunity to have a great time. The fact that this is all original material is very impressive. An evening filled with tremendous risk and comedic reward.




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