I got to tell you, I just came from a staged reading of “Fairfield” by Eric Coble at the NEW. THEATRE. FESTIVAL. at the Cleveland Play House. This is truly one of the funniest plays I have EVER seen. Laura Kepley cast and directed this stage reading with a crazy stick of humor that was relentless.

It is February and you know what that means? Let the craziness begin.  Principal Angela Wadley (Nedra McClyde) addresses a student assembly and wants to celebrate Black History Month as an educational experience for all. But, when a young teacher, Crystal Finn (Laurie Kaminski), introduces some misguided attempts at celebrating Black History Month, the result is a hot mess of social discord. But due to the brilliant writing of Coble, comedic gold is served. Due to an altercation between a white and black boy in a “role playing exercise”, the kids’ parents get involved. Venessa and Daniel Stubbs (Marinda Anderson and Bowman Wright) are the black parents that believe that Fairfield school is the place for their child. On the other hand, Molly and Scott Flemmingsen (Jessica Dickey and Rob McClure), the white parents, believe in Fairfield as well. Well, at least they did before the “incident”. What happens next is the most dysfunctional, funny, problem solving process I have ever seen.

Every actor on that stage brought it, sold it and nailed it. The audience was constantly engaged. I really haven’t heard an audience laugh that much at original material ever. What a joy it was to see another Coble production brought to life, and so deftly by Laura Kepley and the merry gang of creative actors.

Watch out for the full production next year. Trust me. You do NOT want to miss this show.